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Welcome to my obligatory writer’s website. That’s right. Apparently, every writer must have one of these before getting published! You read that correctly. Every no-name out there must have a social media presence with a significant amount of followers to even be considered by a publishing house. Isn’t that absurd? It’s the literary equivalent of having a college diploma and no experience, but every job out there requires experience. Well, how are you supposed to acquire some experience if no one is hiring graduates with no experience? How am I suppose to establish myself as a serious writer people might actually want to follow if no one wants to publish my work because I have no following? See how that works? It doesn’t, it doesn’t work!

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And who, might I ask, is going to want to be let in into my daily life? A writer’s life is boring. All we do is write, and when we aren’t writing, all we do is think about what to write. But you want a boring life, trust me, you do. I’m blessed to have this happy, monotonous life. And it’s because we have such boring lives that we escape into our writing and create such unique stories.

When thinking about what this blog might be about, a mommy blog did come to mind. After all, I have some published personal essays out there that talk about my experiences as a mom. But mommy blogs are a dime a dozen, and there are so many good ones out there. How can little old me compete? How many times can one spin a story about pregnancy, childbirth, and the nitty-gritty of raising kids? It’s been done to death in blogs and props to you if you find a new way to spin that wheel.

Then one day, an idea just came to me! What am I trying to do? I’m trying to get my first novel traditionally published. Why not make it about that? And I’m going to try and do that in six months because I have been trying to get this darn story published for the past three years, and the deadline is September 2021. If no one is interested in my novel by that time, I’ll just self-publish! Why that date, you might ask? My story happens on Halloween night, so if I do end up publishing it myself, I want at least a good month to promote it. It’s that a good plan? I don’t know. I’m just making this up as I go along.

So, join me, why don’t you, on this foolish, soul-crushing quest to get my first novel published. I can’t promise this blog will help any aspiring authors out there, but I’ll at least try and make it funny. And if not, well, I don’t know what to tell you but good luck!

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Armed with a degree in animal biology, Tania set out to work in research. However, she chose to be a homemaker once she became a mom. The journey into motherhood allowed her to visit another passion of hers, writing. She spends her days taking care of her family, who is the inspiration for most of her writing and photography.

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