Renovations and Lack of Motivation

So, I’ve been MIA for a few weeks now. Partly because we’ve been renovating our bathroom the whole summer. But mostly, it’s because I’ve been seriously lacking the motivation to keep my social media pages up to date. I’ve not even been writing my second novel, and I’m halfway through, but I haven’t written anymore. Which bums me out because I wanted to finish this summer.

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But life just takes over. How do other writers do it, I wonder. Many of them can write for hours without interruption. But it’s not possible when you’re the primary caregiver to your children and two feathery friends while your husband is working. I have three kids. And at the end of the day, I just want to grab a snack and fall asleep on my couch watching Netflix. I often joke with my husband that I need a maid, a cook, and a nanny for me to write like a real writer.

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So here I am, dusting myself off, taking a deep breath, and diving back in. Because I need the followers. I do. How else will I convince a publishing company that I can sell books? A meme is making the rounds in social media right now saying that most published books sell fewer than 5000 copies while only a handful become bestsellers. It’s actually true. How depressing, right? I’ll be lucky to sell 500. How many copies have I sold, you may ask? I’ve stopped counting. I’ve even stopped promoting it. But if you’re new here and are interested, I self-published a book last year. Here it is:

Dark Was the Night

So, anyway, back to the renovations. If you’re like me and like renovation shows, here are before and after pictures of my bathroom. And yes, that awful olive color was my choice. So we decided to tile the whole place up, making it seem bigger and brighter.

Despite all this, I have been writing. Mostly for Collider. It’s an entertainment website that keeps you updated on the latest news in movies and TV shows. Here are the articles I’ve written for them if you’re interested.

I would like to say I’ll keep updating regularly, but that would be a lie. For those of you who’ve stuck around, thank you. I’ll most likely do another giveaway of my book for Halloween. So stay tuned for that!

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Armed with a degree in animal biology, Tania set out to work in research. However, she chose to be a homemaker once she became a mom. The journey into motherhood allowed her to visit another passion of hers, writing. She spends her days taking care of her family, who is the inspiration for most of her writing and photography.

2 thoughts on “Renovations and Lack of Motivation

  1. Ooo, looking great with the renovations. And I just thought I’d drop by to say that publishers don’t look at your follower count first, so keep on writing and keep the faith. I’m rooting for you! Also checked out Dark Was The Night on Amazon and it looks pretty exciting!


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