New Gig, BookLife Indie Author Forum and Book Update

I know I’ve been MIA from my blog for some time now, but I’ve been quite busy looking for a writing gig. Times are hard, and finding a good remote writing job with a flexible schedule is challenging. But I managed to find a gig for Collider. If you’re interested in movies and TV shows or are an avid gamer, check out Collider for the latest news. I am a huge movie buff, so this opportunity seemed quite fitting.

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Here are my first two pieces with the online publication, if you’re interested.

10 Cringey Yet Charming Lines From The ‘Twilight’ Movies

10 Funny Episodes of The X-Files To Watch Over and Over

So, apart from that, I’ve wanted to write this post for some time now. I realize I may be late for the show. Really late. People are cleaning the aisles, but I attended the BookLife Indie Author Forum last March, and here is my takeaway from the event.

Is Self-Publishing for You?

For this, you can check out my own post on the subject. It’s a lot of work and time-consuming. So, I suggest you read up on the subject before going down that path.

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Is Amazon Worth It?

In short, yes. It is the primary online bookseller. If you want to sell your book, that’s where to do it. The caveat? You need an online marketing strategy, and you need to understand Amazon’s complicated ad formats. Luckily, they have free online courses once you register with KDP Amazon to help you navigate through all of that. It is where I’ve seen most book sales of my book Dark Was the Night.

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What’s in a Book Cover?

In essence, everything. Your book cover is the first thing potential readers see when shopping for a book. You’ll be stuck doing your own book cover if you’re like me and have a limited budget. But if you have the money, invest in a professional book design. One interesting tip I got from that session is that the title should not be separate from the rest of the design. Incorporate the title to your image to make your book cover more organic and make it pop out. 

Here’s an example I found online done by CreatIndieCovers.

Your Book Blurb

Like I say in my own blog post, you need to be able to summarize your book in a way that is more catchy and sparks interest in a reader. But the book blurb is only one part, and your author bio should also be interesting to read. Here’s an example from BlurbBitch.

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Beyond Amazon

This was an interesting segment as Amazon might not be the only avenue for us, indie authors. Hybrid publishers are more and more prevalent where the author contributes financially to the making and publishing of their own book. This is an exciting option if you have the money to go down that route. A simple Google search will help you find many but be careful to distinguish them from Vanity Presses, where the main goal is just to take your money and print your book without any additional services traditional publishers offer: copywriting, editing, printing, marketing, and promotion.

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Final Note

Was it worth it assisting the forum? I say it was. You get to interact with other indie authors in a chat during the sessions, and many sponsors reached out with emails to all attendees with extra days of FAQs after the forum. I recommend it if you can spare the 149$ US. 

Update on My Second Book

I am halfway through. I have been procrastinating a lot, and I am mad at myself because I should have been done by now and should be in the process of querying publishers. I’m writing a semi-biography semi-fiction novel about my grandmother, and it’s a drama. Hopefully, the damn thing will be done by the end of June if I write every day. Ha! Don’t hold your breath, people! 

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