Free eBook Version of My Book Dark Was the Night!

(So, I’m a bit late on this one. Sorry. But we are renovating our bathroom, and it’s pandemonium right now in our house.)

Photo by Pixabay on

Something thrilling this way comes!

Care to expand your reading list this summer?

Why not give my book a try?

The ebook version will be free during the month of June 2022! That’s right! The whole month!

On KOBO, Barnes & Noble and Google Books.

Hope my book adds a little chill to your summer!

And just for the heck of it, here is my book’s trailer in case you’ve never seen it.


Published by TLRivera

Armed with a degree in animal biology, Tania set out to work in research. However, she chose to be a homemaker once she became a mom. The journey into motherhood allowed her to visit another passion of hers, writing. She spends her days taking care of her family, who is the inspiration for most of her writing and photography.

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